Special Offer to Invest in Grenada, the Jurisdiction with the Best CBI Program in the Caribbean.

There are several citizenship by investment programs that you can access in the Caribbean, but very few come close to Grenada. This Caribbean island is the perfect place to live a luxurious life with a perfect balance between adventure and tranquility. Still, it is also the ideal place to invest in real estate projects that promise incredible investment returns and give you access to one of the world’s best passports.

It is no secret that most governments and their anti-business policies nowadays persecute wealthy individuals. High taxes, legal uncertainty, and socialist policies are the order of the day in much of the world. That’s why finding ways to protect your wealth and getting a second passport that gives you options and security is no longer just a luxury that a few super-rich people have access to. In these times, obtaining dual citizenship is a necessity for anyone who has worked during their lives to leave a legacy.

By obtaining a second passport in a jurisdiction like Grenada, you can escape persecution, absurd taxes, and socialist parties that take power to break countries. A second passport is insurance against disasters in today’s world.

But while it is absolutely necessary today for individuals with significant wealth to obtain a second passport, unfortunately, there are still some hurdles to meeting that need. In general, to access a CBI program on your own, you must go through a tedious, expensive process and often requires you to know the laws, customs, and language of the country in which you are applying.

Considering how valuable time is for the type of people who apply for CBI programs, the most chosen route is to hire the services of professionals who know every detail of the program and who will help you every step of the way so that the applicant only has to sign up, rather than worry about the paperwork.

Our offer in Grenada is investing in real estate and getting a dual passport without paying legal fees

For a limited time only, Privatus Maximus, in alliance with the most prestigious experts in the Grenada CBI program, will be offering our distinguished readers the possibility of acquiring a Grenadian property and obtaining dual citizenship and a new passport with a 20% discount on our legal fees.

Over the past few years, we have helped high net worth individuals acquire Grenada citizenship to shelter them from their governments’ burdensome tax policies. Understanding the emergency we are experiencing, we have decided to help even more investors from all over the world by lowering the program’s entry-price.

Taking advantage of this offer would mean that in a few months, you can be landing in Grenada with your family to enjoy a true paradise away from the troubles, all without worrying about professional fees.

Our alliance with recognized professionals in Grenada goes beyond immigration experts. We also work with the most important real estate developer on the island, assuring that your real estate investment will be destined to one of the most ambitious and profitable mega projects in the jurisdiction.

CBI programs in Europe are in decline. Cyprus program abruptly closed, Malta increased restrictions, and Montenegro is about to close the program in a year from now. But these programs continue to flourish in the Caribbean, with Grenada leading the region. This program is perfect for investing in a safe and secure jurisdiction that international regulators are not harassing as heavily as programs in Europe.

This offer will only be available for a limited time and is exclusive to the Privatus Maximus community, so if you want to take advantage of it, contact us now! Our team of experts will get to work immediately for you, and in no time, you can be enjoying paradisiacal beaches and incredible investment returns.


Why Grenada? Five reasons to take advantage of Privatus Maximus’ offer in Grenada

We could write for an eternity about the benefits you can get by obtaining a second passport in Grenada. There are simply too many good things to highlight about the island, but these are the most important:

Legal security and political stability:

Grenada’s political and legal system is inherited from the United Kingdom. This means that the rule of law works exceptionally well and that the Grenadian government will not implement anti-business policies anytime soon.

This legal certainty and political stability have led to developing a services sector on par with the world’s most advanced jurisdictions. Of course, this sector is supported by efficient telecommunications and transportation infrastructure.

In a nutshell, you can rest assured that your investment in Grenada will be protected even for the future generations.

World-class passport:

The Grenadian passport is a marvel. This travel document will allow you to cross the skies to more than 140 countries without the need for a visa. Among these countries are the United Kingdom, European Union members, Russia, Singapore, and China. Getting a dual passport from Grenada will significantly increase your travel possibilities.

You can include your family in your application:

Instead of just accepting your spouse and dependent children (up to age 30) on your application, Grenada’s CBI program allows you to include your parents, grandparents, and dependent siblings who are unmarried as well. This is one of the most inclusive programs in the world.

The American E-2 visa:

An American E-2 visa is something that only a handful of countries can access. Grenada has a bilateral agreement with the United States that allows Grenadian citizens to live and do business in America. Many investors take advantage of Grenadian citizenship as a springboard to start doing business in the United States, and if you take advantage of our offer, you could too.

Fastest CBI in the region:

From the moment you contact our team to start the application process, you will only have to wait two to three months to be approved and have your new passport in hand. This is surely one of our favorite things about the Grenada CBI program.

Gaining dual citizenship with the Grenada’s CBI program

Grenada became a leader in citizenship by investment programs in the Caribbean when it began allowing foreign investors to participate through a real estate investment in a project approved by the Grenadian government or through a donation to the government.

Since its opening, more than 1300 applicants have obtained their passports, many of them through our services. And since the onset of the wave of populist and socialist governments worldwide, the Grenada CBI program has seen a 300% increase in applications.

Grenada’s citizenship by investment program has even been awarded the title of “Best Citizenship by Investment Program in the World” by the Russian Global Citizen Awards in 2016. That is a testament to how efficient, accessible, and cost-effective this program is.

If you want to learn more about the Grenadian citizenship-by-investment program, you can read about it in our Grenada Country Focus, where we break down each important category for investors about to acquire citizenship of this island paradise.

How to access the Grenada CBI program with our offer

The route we propose for you to get the Grenadian passport is to invest in real estate in the best project on the whole island.

The entire process takes between two to three months as long as you have all the necessary documents for the application. The initial investment amount starts at $220,000, which is one of the lowest entry prices in the entire region for such an advantageous citizenship program as Grenada.

In our flagship real estate project, you will be able to access properties with multiple owners, dual owners, or, for those who want to be masters and lords of their investment, sole owner. Respectively, prices for multi-owner properties start at $220,000, for dual owners at $350,000, and for sole owners, prices start at $425,000.

You can read more about this real estate project here.

Now let’s move on to the application process. Acquiring Grenadian citizenship by investing in real estate is a swift process and only consists of five steps:

Application review: At this stage, you will need to select the type of investment you want to make, sign the service contract with our experts and go through a preliminary review to determine if we have all the necessary documents to start the application.

Preparing the application: once we have all the necessary documents, we will review them once again to ensure they meet all the Grenadian government’s conditions. In this step it is necessary to advance 10% of the chosen property payment.

Submit the application: our experts enter the application and proceed with the Grenada government fees payment.

Wait for approval: you can relax while you wait a couple of months to approve your application. Our experts will notify you as soon as the Grenadian government has approved the application.

Finish paying the investment and receive your citizenship: it will take about two months for the Grenadian government to approve your application. When that happens, you will only need to pay the rest of the investment amount and government fees. Now you just need to receive your naturalization certificate on the spot.

Now that you are a Grenada citizen, all that remains is to wait for our experts to receive the passport on your behalf and deliver it to you.

Generally, in addition to the investment and the Grenadian government fees, this process includes a fee for our legal services. But for a limited time only, you will be able to access the Grenada CBI with a 20% discount on our legal fees! To get our offer, please contact our team.


Who are we, and what can we do for you?

At Privatus Maximus, we have worked for nearly three decades to help investors, family offices, and high net worth individuals find the best investment opportunities in the most promising jurisdictions.

Our work enables investors to protect and grow their wealth and live a freer life, away from authoritarian and socialist governments’ dangers.

That is why we partnered with the largest real estate developer on Grenada’s island to offer our distinguished readers the possibility to buy a property in the most modern and luxurious Grenadian project. You can acquire your property for only $220,000 and have access to a second passport.

Our work with the Grenadian experts has been so successful that we decided to launch an offer for more people to take advantage of the opportunity to invest in Grenada. For a limited time only, you will be able to hire our services to apply for the Grenadian CBI program paying 20% less in legal fees.

This is the ideal opportunity to start the year 2021 with the certainty that in a couple of months, you will have a refuge in the Caribbean where you can be safe from the next big economic crisis and anti-business policies that are increasingly seen in more countries around the world. With this offer you can make a real estate investment in the Caribbean while gaining dual citizenship.

To access our offer, contact our team. We will contact you to start working on your application to the Grenada CBI program right away.

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