Open a Bank Account

– In the banking industry, relationships have long been valued for their depth and quality as well as the relationship managers’ credentials and moral character.

– Today, this is even more crucial because your procedure can be accelerated  from months to weeks with the proper paperwork and well-trained employees.

– The following financial services will be offered to you by our professional staff.

– Initial pre-approval of your bank account through applications to more than 30 partner banks in a number of countries, including Panama, St. Lucia, Puerto Rico, Armenia, Georgia, Russia, Switzerland, the United States, and Singapore, Hong Kong, and many more.

– Individualized assistance with putting together the whole package of documents, throughout the whole application process, from pre-approval to final opening, we represent you.

– Support in creating a company strategy and selecting the ideal corporate form. We assist you in resolving bank inquiries.

About Us

Over 40 of the world’s best banks and bankers are affiliated with Privatus Maximus, which has a committed staff of relationship officers for banking relationships. As an illustration, the representative of Belize’s leading banks works in the same office as our Panama branch. Additionally, by locating the appropriate jurisdiction, the global network of our banking professionals can resolve a variety of challenging challenges and concerns.

You want rapid, affordable, expert assistance only a click away as a busy company owner, investor, or professional intermediary (lawyer, wealth adviser, accountant), and a relationship manager who can act quickly and efficiently in response to your demands.


We are certain that bby collaborating with us, you will consistently get the greatest products, services, and value. We mix the technology of the greatest online portal in Latin America with the individualized care of a committed staff made up of more than one hundred of the world’s leading authorities in corporate services.

Your personal relationship manager will make sure that our professionals are always fulfilling your wants and specifications. Our staff is committed to providing top-notch service.