Second Passport for Muslims – What should I consider?

If you profess Islam as your religion, and you have interest in obtaining a second passport, there are various things that must be noted about the process of immigration and naturalization in order to get a second passport for Muslims.

First and foremost, this process may vary depending on which country you are from. If you are coming from a country that has Islam as their official or state religion, you must look if the local rules allow its citizens to have two passports or nationalities. Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and Bahrain are some of the countries that forbid their citizens to possess two passports.

Other countries like Pakistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, and Egypt allow their people to have two citizenship’s. Nonetheless, if you are Muslim and you come from another place that does not have Islam as its official religion, it will only depend on the internal regulations and rules regarding allowance on the acquisition of two passports in your country.

Next, you will need to know about the rules of the country in which you will apply for your second citizenship concerning the procedures to obtain it. There are three different models regarding how a country handles the process of granting citizenship.

Citizenship models

The first model, known as the “differential exclusionary model” consists in a very restrictive form of immigration. It allows people from outside countries to obtain a work permit under rigorous rules but has little options for naturalization to immigrants interested in it. Countries like China and Japan are amongst the places that have very limited or zero ways in which you can become a citizen of their country.

Secondly, there is the “assimilation model”, that is characteristic between the EU countries. This model accepts immigrants from other countries, as long as they learn the local language, and give up some of the cultural or social aspects of the place that they come from, in order to adapt to the country that they are arriving to.

Lastly, we find the “multicultural model”. The main characteristic of this model is its acceptance of other cultures and ethnicity, allowing immigrants to have equal rights in the country that they are arriving to. United States and Canada are some of the places in which is easy for various cultures to integrate and obtain citizenship.

CBI for Muslims

However, one of the most interesting options for Muslims looking to obtain a second passport through a Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program. This alternative consists in a legal process to acquire citizenship in exchange of a financial contribution to the country where you would like to be a citizen. For Muslims, Turkey

is the first option that comes to mind as it is a Muslim-majority country. For a $250,000 real estate investment you can receive a Turkish passport. Cyprus and Montenegro are also good options thanks to their large Muslim communities. Cyprus

also comes with an additional benefit, as it will allow you to become an EU citizen. Montenegro is more affordable than Cyprus and is also set to join the EU in 2025.

If you are a Muslim that wants a passport for safety but does not intend to actively live in that country, the Caribbean CBI programs and the Vanuatu

program are the most affordable programs out there, and real estate is a booming market that will provide you with significant returns.

As you can see, a second passport for Muslims may vary depending on the country. The quickest and most reliable way to get a second citizenship is to apply to a CBI program in a country in which a considerable amount of people shares their values. And we have local experts in all these countries.

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