Panama has Emerged as the Next Hotspot for Hong Kong and Chinese real estate buyers with the advantage of Permanent Residency within 30 days

Panama is a world-class country, an international hub with one of the World’s newest international airports. According to Forbes International Living, it ranked continuously as one of the top three countries in the World to live and retire for the past ten years.

In our opinion, Panama is your best option to invest in real estate and live a prosperous and wonderful life.

The new Executive Decree, 722 Panama Permanent Residency Program for real estate buyers announced in October 2020, makes Panama the best investment option for Chinese buyers today.

It is understood Chinese real estate investors cannot take full ownership of their property in China; all land is state-owned, and purchases are generally 75-year leases.

It is our opinion that Hong Kong real estate will, in the future, face the same regulations.

Comparing and considering how expensive it is now to own a property anywhere in China, or any major international city, much less in Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shanghai’s prime property markets. Panama is undoubtedly the best emerging market for global real estate investors, in our view.

In the past five years, the Chinese have made considerable investments in Panama infrastructure projects, currently estimated at USD 23 billion.

China recognized the Panama Canal, a marvel of engineering and one of the World’s most important trade assets. Roughly $270 billion worth of cargo crosses the canal each year. It serves more than 140 maritime routes to over 80 countries.

China Construction America (CCA), a subsidiary of China State Construction Engineering, sees Panama as having unique appeal as an investment opportunity; it is now developing the luxury DAO condominium project in partnership with our partner developers. There has been a strong Chinese real estate investment presence in Panama since 2015 and several Panama Real estate agencies are reporting that Chinese investors account for more than 20% of their sales.

There are more than 300,000 Chinese residents in Panama City, one-quarter of the City’s’ population, many thriving and successful Chinese technology, investment and construction companies, restaurants, shops and businesses operating and emerging in Panama.

The 8 reasons why of Panama Permanent Residency and Investment into Panama real estate is the best opportunity in the World today for Chinese buyers and for ## investors from all over the world:

1) Decree 722 Permanent Residency Option

An investor can invest as low as USD 300,000 into real estate and obtain Permanent Residency for themselves and their family within 30 days.

What is equally exciting, the entire application process can be completed in the nearest Panama consulate, with our partners’ immigration lawyers’ help, at no cost and no travel inconveniences to buyers. Travelling in our current global situation can be challenging.

Your real estate purchase contracts can be conditional upon approval of a buyer’s and family’s Permanent Residency. Your purchase contracts are duly registered on title and confirmed by the Panamanian government. In this sense, the Panama law is very protective of the Buyer.

A great advantage to Panama Permanent residency is its flexibility on minimum stay requirements. There is no minimum stay or visit requirement in the first five years.

Your real estate purchase must be held for five years. Your real estate investment can be sold in the first five years to take advantage of investment gains, but you must purchase another property in Panama and hold it for the balance of 5 years. There is no requirement to own property after those initial five years. Once five years are complete, you can apply and obtain Panamanian Citizenship.

2) Guaranteed Income Option

There is an opportunity to invest in real estate, continue living in China or whatever your homecountry may be, have guaranteed income and then decide when you want to take advantage of your Panama Permanent Residency visa.

The Property Management Guaranteed Income Program option offers a no-hassle five-year full-service property management program with guaranteed income yields.

The property management performance and guaranteed income outcomes are secured by a performance bond insured by global insurers, and reinsurers rated AM Best A- Excellence or better.

3) Pricing

Buyers are excited by value, what investor isn’t; the Panama real estate price per sq.m. is only 25% of the cost of the same luxury properties in other major cities; Panama offers outstanding value and affordability and benefits.

4) Panama

Panama is a strategic gateway into the Pacific, North America, and South America. Panama’s real estate hotspots are Panama City, Buenaventura Resort Community master plan, Bocas Del Toro, and the San Blas Islands. If a buyer is looking for more sun, then the Caribbean is only a mere 2-hour flight away.

For some, Panama is the Hong Kong or Shanghai of Latin America with multiple shopping, restaurants, and nightlife.

Panama is a friendly, safe and diverse country.

Panama healthcare is affordable and considered the best in Latin America.

Panama has accredited and diverse, and affordable private schooling. There are two Chinese private schools situated in Panama City, and many schools from different nationalities, including British and German.

5) Prosperous

Many international companies in the top 500 have relocated headquarters their headquarters to Panama City.

Panama has transformed into an economic leader in Latin America in a stable and sustained manner over the past ten years. Panama ranks as the 42nd most competitive economy in the World (out of 138), second in Latin America only to Chile (33) and ahead of “developed” economies such as Italy or Portugal. Over 75% of our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is derived from services (including roughly 10% from the Panama Canal), while agriculture and industry account for the rest.

Investing in real estate in Panama can be a smart way to generate income and grow your wealth. We recommend that international investors review carefully the guaranteed income program value and certainty opportunity that is an optional benefit to our real estate properties.

6) Accessible

Panama puts no restrictions on foreigner’s real estate investments, and that greatly appeals to Chinese investors and international investors in general who highly value the possibility to buy and own titled land that can be passed down to future generations to come.

7) Politics

Panama has recently established diplomatic ties with China, which means closer trade and investment links between the two nations. Improved bilateral ties have augured relaxed visa rules—Chinese tourists and investors have chosen Panama as their holiday and investment destination.

8) Pensioner-friendly

Panama’s pensioner and retirement Pensionado program ranked one of the World’s best retirement options for retires. There are considerable healthcare and living benefits provided to all retirees in Panama. Panama has a strong history of treating their elderly honorably and giving them the respect they deserve in Panama’s society.

In our opinion, Panama is the best investment and permanent residency option in the World today for Chinese investors and their families. Contact us and get a consultation with our experts for more information on Panama real estate opportunities.

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