How to Invest in the Most Promising Ski Resort in Kolašin, Montenegro

Montenegro is the jewel of the Balkans, and more and more investors are taking advantage of the multiple investment opportunities this European country offers.

Of all the investment areas in Montenegro, the best balance between security and high returns on investment is the real estate industry. In fact, Montenegro has one of the highest ROIs in real estate in all Europe. We are talking about 4 to 8% annually; it is truly impressive.

Montenegro’s real estate market’s success is mainly because it is becoming one of the most chosen destinations for tourism in Europe. The Montenegrin government has been promoting its citizenship by investment program very strongly during the last years.

That is why today we bring you an opportunity that is quite difficult to find in other European jurisdictions for such a low price and such simple requirements: invest in a luxury property at one of Montenegro’s newest Ski Resort projects and receive a Montenegrin passport for you and your family.

Reasons to invest in a property at the Ski Resort

Tourism in Montenegro is going to increase

Investing in the Ski Resort makes you eligible to apply for the CBI Montenegro program and obtain your passport for you and your family.

Its privileged location

The Ski Resort is near Kolašin, a village in northern Montenegro, which is the ultimate destination for winter tourism in Europe. The place is very well connected with the main highways and has Podgorica’s airport 30 minutes by car.

The mixture of luxury and nature

The resort’s residential units were specifically designed using natural materials such as rock and wood to preserve the local tradition, but the real estate developers have not spared any luxury. All units have a fireplace, and each unit space is equipped with amenities that make the place a real haven. The cherry on the top is a tablet integrated into the walls that will allow you to control the lighting, temperature and even order food directly to your room from the restaurant of your choice, all without leaving your unit.

A return on investment like you can’t find in Europe anymore

In Central Europe, returns on real estate investments have fallen sharply in recent years. This is basically because supply exceeds demand. This makes investors look towards other destinations that are still profitable and where property prices are still accessible. Montenegro has become one of Europe’s best alternatives because today, it maintains excellent ROIs in its real estate industry.

Montenegro has the best tourism growth projections in the region

Tourism is an essential activity for Montenegro’s economy, contributing approximately 22% of its GDP, and this figure is increasing. The tourism sector in this jurisdiction is one of the most promising in the world for the next ten years. The World Travel and Tourism Council has indicated that Montenegro ranks in the top three countries with the fastest growth rates in tourism activity among 184 countries. And, of course, this suits you when it comes to buying a property at our Ski Resort.

Montenegro can be your gateway to the United States or the European Union

When you become a citizen of Montenegro through its citizenship by investment program by purchasing a government-approved property (like the one we are promoting), you can access an E-2 visa that allows you to do business in the United States. This is one of the few jurisdictions in the world that combines a CBI program with the possibility of an E-2 visa. But if you don’t mind waiting, Montenegro can also open the doors to Europe for you because the country will officially enter the European Union in less than five years. Having options can’t hurt, right?


Kolasin, the ski capital

Kolasin is the most famous tourism center in northern Montenegro and one of the world’s most renowned winter sports and tourism destinations. In this place located in the mountains, the natural landscapes take your breath away at any time of the year. If you like to go deeper into nature, from Kolasin, you can get to the Biogradska National Park, one of the three virgin forests in all of Europe.

This small town has been strongly dedicated to mountain tourism to take advantage of its altitude of 954 meters above sea level, which guarantees ideal skiing and other winter sports conditions.

Kolasin may sound remote and hard to reach, but it is not. Kolasin has connections with the rest of the main cities in Montenegro by land and air. You can reach this small Montenegrin town by plane, as it is a 30-minute drive from Podgorica Airport. You can also go by highway or train.

Four mountains surround this spectacular area of Montenegro; they are Sinjajevina, Bjelasica, Kljuc, and Vicje. And on the Bjelasica mountain is the K1450 Ski Resort, a mountain refuge that cannot be compared to many other real estate projects.

Bjelasica Mountain

With a maximum height of 2139 meters at its highest point, the mountain of Bjelasica rises imposingly over Montenegro. It is here that the most significant tourist activity in northern Montenegro is concentrated because people cannot avoid visiting its peaks and lakes.

Bjelasica is also home to the most popular and modern ski center in the region. Although in recent years, the resort has also become a tourist center during the summer months thanks to its beautiful natural environment and a growing infrastructure to support the increasing tourist demand.

The resort

The resort is surrounded by nature in its purest form at 1450 meters above sea level. This is the first mountain resort in this region of Montenegro. The resort’s location is well known for its impressive amounts of snow precipitation during the winter, which has given it its place as the ultimate destination for skiing. However, the mountain also receives numerous days of sunshine per year, making the Ski Resort a perfect destination for any time of year you visit.

The resort offers numerous ski routes that are maintained to the highest quality standards and are divided into different levels such as easy, intermediate, and difficult; as well as cable cars that offer incredible views of Bjelasica Mountain. The hotel also provides technical equipment for winter sports, so there is no excuse for not enjoying and sliding on the snow.

This luxury resort occupies three acres of alpine forest to offer 168 units in which you can invest, all approved for Montenegro’s citizenship by investment program.

The available units have the following features:

Unit type S1

Number of units available: 46 Total size: 36.83m2 Spaces: living room, bathroom, terrace

Unit type S2

Number of units available: 1 Total size: 37.36m2 Spaces: living room, bathroom, terrace

Unit type S3

Number of units available: 3 Total size: 36.59m2 Spaces: living room, bathroom, terrace

Unit type S4

Number of units available: 3 Total size: 36.50m2 Spaces: living room, bathroom, terrace

Unit type S5

Number of units available: 2 Total size: 38.14m2 Spaces: living room, bathroom, terrace

Unit type S6

Number of units available: 1 Total size: 40.22m2 Spaces: living room, bathroom, terrace

Unit type S7

Number of units available: 4 Total size: 41.32 Spaces: living room, bathroom, terrace

Unit Type D1

Number of units available: 4 Total size: 57.18m2 Spaces: living room, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and two terraces

Unit Type D2

Number of units available: 1 Total size: 83.92m2 Spaces: living room, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a terrace


Prices start at €250,000 Type: Hotel units Selling model: first-come, first-served basis Usage of unit: 2 months /year Investment return: 30% of rental pool profit/year Expenses: the maintenance costs of 50 EUR/m2 of the Condo Unit/annul Pre-purchase rights of the seller: Yes Investing in a unit at the Ski Resort is a unique opportunity that offers you a higher ROI than the average European real estate investment and allows you to acquire citizenship with which you can apply for an E-2 visa to make your way to the United States. If you want to know how to start your investment in Montenegro, do not hesitate to contact our team of experts who will be able to accompany you every step of the way!


Who are we, and what can we do for you?

At Privatus Maximus we have three decades of experience advising investors and high net worth individuals worldwide on the best ways to protect and grow their wealth. We work for our clients to do business successfully in the best jurisdictions that allow them to live freely.

Part of our work is to find unique investment opportunities and build partnerships to bring those opportunities to our distinguished readers. That is what we have done in Montenegro. We have allied with the best real estate developers in the country to offer you today an investment package in the K1450 Ski Resort + the processing of a Montenegrin passport for you and your family.

The future of tourism in Montenegro is promising, and those who decide to take this opportunity today will benefit from the growth in the sector over the next few years. Not to mention that they will also become citizens of an official member country of the European Union in 2025. Opportunities like this do not come so quickly.

If investing in one of the luxury suites at K1450 Ski Resort sounds like a great idea after reading all this, don’t wait any longer to contact our team of experts to start making it happen!

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