Asset Management: Comprehensive Planning for Your Assets and Your Future

Privatus Maximus´ team of experts analyzes your real-life situation, taking into account all important aspects such as income and expenses, assets and liabilities, taxes, real estate, pension benefits, as well as property and inheritance rights.

Why is this? Because we take asset planning very seriously. By planning a clear and smart strategy, you can shape your future. Based on the conducted analysis, we show you how you can prepare by planning ahead and optimizing your income and assets. Thanks to this procedure we can develop customized solutions that take into account all aspects of your personal situation.

Find the right investment solution

Do you often have headaches and concerns when it comes to making your investment decisions? It should not be that way. Instead, you tell us what your goals and needs are. We’ll take care of the rest. Our task is to offer you comprehensive solutions for the management of your property.

And, if you prefer to make your own investment decisions, we can also provide you with support and personal advice, as well as a wide range of investment solutions including investment funds, structured products, non-traditional asset classes such as hedge funds, real estate, commodities, and private equity, as well as financial markets and fiduciary investments.


Tax optimization

In recent decades, the boundaries of trade and investment activity on the world stage have been expanding. This has coincided with increased mobility among wealthy individuals and families who have a range of international tax and inheritance planning opportunities, especially when they have residency or investments abroad.

It is necessary to solve tax issues together for better optimization and reduction of the tax burden. Investments must be thought out and decisions must be made carefully. With multiple streams of taxable income, it is key to choose an effective tax plan that will save you money while meeting the authorities’ requirements.

Complicated regulations, additional disclosure requirements, and stricter penalties make timely, qualified advice and proper tax planning indispensable. This is especially important now when even more attention is paid to information disclosure, declaration, and taxation of assets.

Professional portfolio management: We can help you manage your assets

You have financial goals, but no time to devote to managing your assets. You want to be able to turn to experts for investment advice. Whatever your investment goal may be, we have a solution that’s right for you.

We will take on all the main tasks from tax optimization to diversification and asset growth. We help create tailor-made investment strategies that, on the one hand, balance risk and reward and, on the other hand, are flexible enough to take advantage of new short- and long-term opportunities as they arise. A well-thought-out strategy can ensure you achieve your wealth management goals.

Thanks to our extensive experience, we use a variety of investment methods that will not only preserve your assets but bring additional income.

Privatus Maximus´ experts are committed to the philosophy of freedom, that is financial and personal autonomy. For this reason, everything we do, from opening a bank account to buying your retirement home, from creating a financial license to opening a brokerage account, is carefully added to a strategy that eventually will bring you more profit, more peace of mind, and more freedom. Contact us today to start planning your wealth strategy.

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