Accessing European Union Benefits Through the Montenegro CBI Program

Being a citizen of the European Union brings many advantages. To such an extent that much of the migration strategies of investors and high-net-worth individuals are designed to enjoy the European lifestyle and maintain good tax optimization levels. However, just because accessing the benefits of the European Union is a fairly common goal among investors from all countries, it does not necessarily mean it is an easy goal to achieve.

For non-European investors, entering Europe can be, at best, a rather slow and costly process. It is no secret to anyone that the few remaining citizenship-by-investment programs operating in Europe have fairly high entry prices and may not offer a favorable return on investment. The reality is that international regulatory agencies and the central authorities of the European Union often make it very difficult for foreign investors to establish themselves in Europe and do business.

If you look at the combination of entry fees, ROI, conditions, and citizenship requirements by investment or golden visa programs in Europe, it is very easy to be discouraged. In some cases, it seems almost impossible to be approved for any of these programs.

But what if we tell you that there is another way to enter Europe? One with much more reasonable entry fees that don’t put you in a tax bind, which also allows you to get a better ROI while you prepare to enjoy the advantages of the European Union. On the shores of the Adriatic Sea lies one of Europe’s best-kept secrets when it comes to citizenship by investment programs. We are talking about Montenegro, the jewel of the Balkans. This great little country has one of the best citizenship by investment programs we can find in all of Europe:

Its entry prices are reasonable. The booming tourism industry and real estate sector give great ROIs. Its tax system is very simple. You may be wondering how a Balkan country can open the doors to the European Union, so let’s take a look at Montenegro’s latest trick up its sleeve.

Montenegro currently offers an ideal range of advantages for any investor. But here, an investment behaves in the same way as a good wine that, as it ages, brings out its best qualities. We are talking about the fact that Montenegro will formally join the European Union in less than five years. Let’s review for a moment what this means.

Today we have a country in full growth and economic development, which is currently one of the European tourism powers. This same country has one of the most favorable citizenship by investment programs with the lowest entry fees in Europe. And to top it off, this same jurisdiction will become an official member of the EU in 2025. In another case, we would dare to say that this is too good to be true, but in this case, it is simply true. Real investors know how to identify opportunities and plan their execution over the long term. Montenegro is perfect for this.

Obtaining Montenegrin citizenship through an approved real estate investment for the Balkan country’s CBI program allows you to own a money-making property for five years. At this time, you will have the right to sell the property and get your money back. Coincidentally, that 5-year tenure coincides with Montenegro’s expected entry into the European Union.

This means that, by the time you get your money back, you will be able to start identifying other investment properties in the Eurozone with full confidence and able to reside and invest within the EU without limits. This is the ultimate way for investors from all over the world to enter Europe.

If you want to know more about the requirements and details of the Montenegro CBI program, check out our article on the subject here.


The benefits of combining Montenegro’s CBI program plus accession to the European Union in 2025

Entering the European Union for a lower price

While there are a few years to wait until Montenegro is fully and formally integrated into the European Union, for many investors, the Montenegrin citizenship-by-investment program offers a very attractive deal.

Property prices, including luxury projects that allow you to apply for the Montenegrin CBI program, are on average almost twice as low as in the rest of Europe. You can access units in luxury resorts in the north of the country for 250,000 euros, a price that leaves most of the similar projects in which you can invest in Central Europe ridiculous.

Montenegro is simply the most cost-efficient way to get a passport that will open the doors to the European Union.

A new level of international mobility

Obtaining a second passport has always been a good way to gain leeway in the face of unstable political and economic situations in our home countries. But the possibilities do not end there.

A second passport also allows you to boost your entrepreneurial and investment life. In this sense, the Montenegrin passport guarantees you visa-free access to more than 120 countries. By itself, this is good enough for most investors. Still, those with greater ambitions will be happy to know that the Montenegrin passport will allow you to reside and invest without any problem in any European Union country in less than five years. And this multiplies the possibilities exponentially to start new projects or expand already operating companies.

Montenegro passport practically pays for itself

When you access Montenegro citizenship and passport through its CBI program, you invest in a property that from the very first moment will start generating a much higher return on investment than you would get in most countries in Europe. This means that, as soon as your application is approved, you start earning money.

After your approval, you can sell your property and recoup your initial investment plus your rental profit. When you do this, you are free to invest your money as you please in Montenegro or any other EU country.

Montenegro not only opens the doors to all of Europe but also to the United States

Something unique to Montenegro that adds tremendous value for investors who want to expand their operations beyond Europe in the future is that Montenegro has a bilateral treaty with the United States. This treaty allows Montenegrin citizens access to a special type of investment visa that brings multiple advantages. We are talking about the E-2 visa, through which you and your family can go to the United States to run a business legitimately. This visa differs from other investor permits firstly because of its approval times and secondly because there is no minimum investment amount to apply.

This is the most distinguishing advantage of Montenegro’s citizenship by investment program over other programs in Europe.

Montenegro’s CBI program is one of the fastest and most inclusive in all of Europe

When we compare the Montenegrin citizenship by investment program with its European peers, we realize that, in terms of convenience, no program comes close. Not only can you apply with your children and spouse without age limitations, but Montenegro has the lowest eligibility requirements in the entire region.

In addition to including your family and having few requirements, Montenegro’s citizenship by investment program is also one of the fastest in Europe. The Montenegrin government, on average, takes about six months to approve applications from investors who want to become citizens of the Balkan country.

This triple combination cannot be found in any European program. It is possible to find programs whose procedures are more or less agile, but they cannot compete in terms of price and accessibility.


What you need to do to obtain Montenegrin citizenship and then European citizenship

As mentioned before, you can apply to the Montenegrin CBI program by making a financial contribution to the country. This is through investment in real estate projects, which must be mixed-use or luxury hotel complexes. Investments can be made in the south of the country, in the metropolitan region, or the north.

Practically there are two general options for investment:

Option A

Donation: 100.000 EUR. Investment in government-approved real estate projects in the northern region of the country: 250,000 EUR.

Option B

Donation: 100,000 EUR. Investment in government-approved real estate developments in the southern region or the capital city: EUR 450,000. After you have the title deed in your hands, you will only have to dispose of the money your investment generates and, in 5 years, you will be able to resell your property. By that time, Montenegro will most likely be an official member of the European Union and your plan to start investing without limits on this continent will start a new and exciting stage.

If you want to know in more detail the available investments in Montenegro, you can check them out in this article.

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