Unique opportunity for asset diversification in London and the US

Today, Privatus Maximus offers another great product to our readers who are interested in diversification, asset protection, and business expansion.

Being successful in business is not only about making money or making the right investments, but it´s about something much more important: asset allocation.

The jurisdiction or institution where you place your assets is key to the success of a business or of a long-term investment plan.

A strategic asset allocation is the allocation of assets across different classes of assets over time and in the right jurisdictions so that you can have the maximum return and the minimum possible risk. Strategic asset allocation aims to meet clients’ long-term investment goals, considering their risk tolerance, liquidity needs, base currency, tax status and preferences, and regulatory and other constraints.

For clients from all over the world, we have a US-based company that provides excellent banking services and asset management strategies for high net worth individuals and companies from all over the world.

As a client, you will get benefits from the American financial relations system.

Our Russia family office team presents today a great offer, which includes a bank account in Russia plus a bank account in the US or the UK.

With this approach, you will get the amazing benefits of the Russian banking system plus the asset diversification and investment planning advantages offered by the UK and the US

A unique approach to asset management

Our special approach is tailored specifically to your financial needs when it comes to asset management and we pave the way to globally integrated products and services.

We make a difference from the rest of the market because we provide customized services with global support, backed up by a team of very experienced and talented advisors.

Investment products and services

  • Investment funds (PIF’s)
  • Fixed income securities
  • Shares
  • Options
  • Alternative investments
  • Annuities / Investment contracts
  • Multi-currency opportunities

With our financial advisors, you will be able to access a wide range of investment products and services that will help you to achieve your financial goals. Your advisors will work closely with you in a confidential and secure environment to help you develop a strategy based on your specific needs and your investor profile taking into account your attitude to risk, your goals, and your timing.

Diversification is key, for this reason, we also offer a unique advantage which is the possibility of developing your portfolio in different currencies. A multi-currency portfolio will give you the peace of mind you need to develop your business and protect your assets because there is really no currency that you can actually trust.

In Privatus Maximus, we have discussed and analyzed the decay of the American empire which we predict will come to an end, following the same path and policies that the Roman empire followed before its fall.


Establish your plan and protect the next generations

A personal investment company (PKI) is a limited liability corporation where you can hold your investments. This structure provides many asset protection possibilities which can be enhanced if you combine it with a trust, which will be the owner of the shares.

If the trust is holding your shares you can rely on the solidity of this structure which was created from English law and it’s the best asset protection tool in the world and has been such a tool for centuries, since the crusades till our days.

Through a properly structured trust (please see our article on Nevis trust) you can achieve effective estate planning and asset management and protection.

Best diversification: invest in different currencies

Like we mentioned before, the same way you shouldn´t hold all your money in one bank or in one country, you should not hold your money in one currency.

Our services include:

  • Foreign trade or conversion using about 50 of the most common world currencies.
  • Accrual of interest on multicurrency deposits on brokerage accounts.
  • Fixed income products such as corporate bonds in currencies of other countries.
  • Structured products with full or partial protection of fixed assets pegged to one or more currencies.
  • More than 40 mutual funds of leading asset management companies holding shares in euros.
  • The procedure for managing non-dollar capitals listed on more than 20 major exchanges.

Advantages for clients when opening an account in London

We will now summarize the advantages of opening your account in London, which will bring unique asset protection and the possibility of getting the most advantage from your portfolio in a reliable jurisdiction. These are the advantages of opening your account in London with us:

  • Geographical diversification through divisions in the UK and on Jersey island
  • Reliable jurisdiction – Great Britain is famous for its “case law”, as well as the protection of the depositor and the client of the bank
  • Insurance coverage of 100,000 euros per account holder
  • A wide range of investment products
  • Accounts in more than 20 currencies
  • Free transfers in Europe and the UK
  • Credit financing at low rates (about 3.3% in US dollars, 1.2% in Euros)
  • Help in education in the UK and obtaining a residence permit or investor visa
  • Individual and personal service
  • Qualified personal manager available in different languages
  • Access to the account 24/7 through the on-line banking system
  • Free account maintenance (It is required to maintain a minimum balance of $ 200,000 in deposits, on accounts or in investments)
  • A debit card


Advantages for clients when opening an account in the US

Being one of the few jurisdictions in the world without CRS, the US has become a great option for international banking. Please see the advantages:

  • Geographical diversification through the New York branch.
  • Secure, closed jurisdiction – USA is not subscribed to the CRS.
  • Insurance coverage of $ 250,000 for each account holder
  • A wide range of investment products, including margin lending, PIFs, and Trusts.
  • Investment CDs are offered for conservative clients (certificates of deposit – registered security issued to a depositor, which confirms the deposited amount of an interest rate of 2-2.55%). CDs are bought on an investment account and help to use government insurance FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) to insure the client’s account.
  • Current account in dollars, investment accounts in any currency.
  • Credit financing at low rates ICE Libor + 1%, about 3.3% in $.
  • Individual and personal service with staff fluent in different languages.
  • Access to the account 24/7 through the on-line banking system.
  • Free account maintenance (You must maintain a minimum balance of $ 200,000 in deposits or accounts).
  • Debit card.

With this amazing product, you get premium services and the possibility of investing globally and safely.

In the same way that trust is key to a fruitful business relationship, a trusting relationship with your personal adviser is the key to your investment success. Our experts intend to build a long-term friendly relationship with their clients.

The management of your assets through different markets, different currencies, and different types of assets and investments, with the proper advice and support from your adviser, will reduce risk and enhance your chances of financial success. Wait no more and ask for a consultation with our experts today.

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