Deluxe palace, executive office, or boutique hotel in the heart of Saint Petersburg

Today, Privatus Maximus presents an exceptional investment opportunity in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

This city has been the inspiration of great writers and artists such as Dostoevsky, Pushkin, and Tchaikovsky and, if you ever visit, you will understand why.

Saint Petersburg is one of the most important cities in Europe, offering a unique mixture of architecture, classical music, art, literature, and culture.

This city can´t be compared to any other in beauty, with its stunning Nevsky Prospekt, an avenue with majestic architecture. The canals that run across the city center giving it a unique quality, similar to Vienna and Amsterdam but with a more mystical touch. The bridges, which during the summer are raised so the vessels can navigate the Neva river in a spectacular way. And the museums hosting great art collections of which the Hermitage is the best example, having the largest collection in Europe.

Saint Petersburg has another peculiarity which is the white nights. White nights are a common phenomenon in many northern areas, but Saint Petersburg is the only important urban center and cultural capital where you can enjoy it.

This, and the rainy cloudy weather, is one of the reasons that have contributed to make Saint Petersburg such a mystical place and this is part of the city´s charm.

Like we pointed out before, Saint Petersburg is a mecca for artists, musicians and writers, which are attracted to the city for all its history but also its cultural offer, with all types of events from classical, contemporary, ballet, theater, music, and others.

In the city center, during the summer, it is very common to see artists painting landscapes throughout the Nevsky Avenue or on the Palace Bridge, and music groups playing on the streets all kinds of styles, from Russian rock to jazz.

In the middle of these wonders Privatus Maximus offers an investment that you definitely want to consider.


Deluxe Palace

The palace is located at the intersection of Bolshaya Morskaya and Gorokhovaya streets (Adress: Bolshaya Morskaya 32), right in the heart of the Northern capital. Such famous landmarks of Northern Venice as the Hermitage museum, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Admiralty, the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, Kazan Cathedral, and many others, can be reached in a few minutes from Bolshaya Morskaya 32.

The building is intended to accommodate a boutique hotel, a restaurant, a prime office for an international company, and a gourmet restaurant. The palace on Bolshaya Morskaya, 32 is a part of the architectural heritage of the former capital of the Russian Empire, part of its vibrant history.

The luxurious palace was built by architect V. Schröter., in the years 1887-1888. It was built to settle the “Russian for foreign trade bank”. It was the first building specifically designed for bank purposes in St. Peters-burg. The palace has an octahedral body with side arched driveways. There is a ballroom with a wide gallery, made at the level of the second floor. The hall overlaps the flat dome, thereby creating a semblance of an atrium.

The building is an architectural monument of federal significance, part of the UNESCO world heritage.

The mansion is located in the historical center of St. Peters-burg, surrounded by the main highways of the city center, five minutes away from the subway station Admiralteyskaya. The building is located within walking distance from the stunning Nevsky Prospect and the famous ensemble of St. Isaac’s Square. Here, in the immediate environment, the cultural and business life of the city is concentrated: government agencies, business centers, representative offices of large companies, hotels, restaurants, as well as many monuments of architectural and historical relevance.

Excellent location

  • 5-minute-walk from the metro station «Admiralteyskaya».
  • 10-minute-walk from the metro station «Nevsky prospect».
  • 8 minutes by car to the Moscow train station.
  • 24 minutes by car to Pulkovo airport.


  • 2 571 м² total area of the building
  • 15 parking places on the street and 5 parking places in the yard
  • Modern engineering: central ventilation system
  • Number of floors: 4 floors + basement with windows
  • Ceiling height: 2,8 – 4,3 m
  • Electric power: 249 kw

Options of the building

  • Representative offices for large companies, banks, medical centers
  • Boutique hotel with additional banquet functions

Advantages of this investment

  • Unique historical project of St. Petersburg
  • Location in the city center
  • Privately owned deluxe palace
  • Excellent transport accessibility
  • Own parking for 20 m / places (around the perimeter and in the courtyard of the building)
  • Modern engineering systems
  • The possibility of redevelopment of premises for the project investor.

For more information about this project please visit our investment opportunity section.


About the developer and Privatus Maximus

The developer in charge of this project is one of the most prestigious developers in Russia. This group of companies has been successfully operating in the construction market of St. Petersburg since 1997. The main activities of the company are development of residential and commercial facilities and construction and building renovation.

By investing with this developer through Privatus Maximus you will have special benefits and advantages that are exclusive to our readers:

We speak Russian. We have a talented team of realtors and agents who speak Russian, English, and Spanish. This means that through us you will break through the language barriers and be able to access a great investment opportunity that you would not be able to access otherwise.

Special offers. We have a special relationship with all our partners and developers, some of these relationships are based on a long-term friendship. For this reason, we can offer special discounts, opportunities, financing options, etc.

We treat you like family. Since we have a team in Russia, we can help you and walk you through the country´s culture when visiting Russia.

Co-investment opportunities. Since we have a wide network of experts, agents, and developers in different parts of the world we offer exceptional opportunities for co-investment and B2B – B2C opportunities.


Five reasons why to invest in Russia

Foreign-friendly environment. Russians have a natural tendency to welcome foreigners and to receive investment from them. Before the revolution and during the brighter years of the Russian Empire, Russia has received lots of foreign investment and talent, including artists and scientists. Most of Saint Peters-burg´s architecture and art were built under European influence. After the perestroika period, this tendency came back as it is an inherent part of the Russian culture.

Busies-friendly government. The Russian government has found a good balance point between state control and promotion of foreign investment. The Russian government supports foreign investment, foreign capital, and companies, with favorable and protective legislation.

Lifestyle. The lifestyle in Russia is great, especially in the two capitals, Moscow and Saint Peters-burg. Here you can have access to a European-like way of living but at a much lower cost than in Europe. While usually a bus ticket is 4 or 5 euros in Europe, in Saint Peters-burg is only 0.45 USD approximately. You can rent a nice apartment for only 400 or 500 dollars, which are incredibly low prices considering the quality of the cities you are living in.

In Russia, there is a particularly good gastronomic offer, good transportation, remarkable Wi-Fi connections, excellent entertainment, and a variety of cultural options. In Russia, there´s a high security level, and crimes and robbery are unusual.

Special economic zones. Russia has many special economic zones of which the Kaliningrad special zone is the most important and convenient. This is a Russian enclave located in Europe, which offers great tax incentives and exemptions for the companies registered here. This zone also offers great transportation options as it is a perfect strategic location to enter the European and Asian markets. More information about the special economic zones.

Investment funds. Russia has a remarkably good structure that is available to foreigners and that constitutes a great asset protection and estate planning tool. Under these funds, you can keep assets protected from third parties and can manage the assets as you wish, distribute them through family members in the form of shares, etc. More information about investment funds in Russia.

If you want to make an investment that is worth your time and money, then Saint Peters-burg is an excellent choice as it is a world-class city with low costs, and it is also a very important touristic hub. With Privatus Maximus, you can have access to special benefits, promotions and B2B and co-investment opportunities. Don´t miss this opportunity and contact us right now.


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